Teaming up with REU and looking ahead

OIP had a very busy summer season – 12 cruises in 3 months!  Even though we’ve slowed down a bit now that the days are shorter and wetter, we are still active and excited about ocean research and education.  OIP has been teaming up with REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) students from Seattle-area community colleges.  OIP and a team of 3 students have been going out every two months to collect sediments, foraminifera, and water samples.  Working with these students has been a fun twist on our normal OIP cruise.  Rather than teaching the students about our Puget Sound environment, OIP instructors have been assisting the REU students with their self-directed research.

We have plenty of availabilities during the winter and are even starting to look towards the spring months.  If you and your group would like to schedule a cruise, please get in touch with us at  There are many options to tailor a cruise for your needs – location, duration, ship size, etc.  We would be happy to work with you!

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