Finding a Story in Data: Puget Sound Cruise and Data Workshop for Educators

Join us November 16th!

Ocean Inquiry Project (OIP) is co-sponsoring a workshop with WA NAME and NANOOS on Saturday Nov 16 for educators to expand your experience with, and knowledge of, data and curriculum to help students understand how ocean circulation impacts the Puget Sound ecosystem.

  • The workshop will consist of a morning research cruise on Puget Sound and an afternoon at UW Oceanography
  • On the morning cruise we will sample at 3 sites on Puget Sound, collecting data on the physical (via CTD casts), chemical (niskin bottle samples) and biological (phytoplankton and zooplankton tows) conditions in the main basin of Puget Sound.
  • In the afternoon we will be at UW Oceanography and will tour the Puget Sound Model Lab and work with online resources of ocean data from the Pacific Northwest to generate our own stories using ocean data.
  • Follow-up support (clock hours, stipends and support from workshop instructors) will be available to teachers attending the workshop

View the Flyer for more information: Finding a Story in Data

Apply now! The workshop is limited to 12 educators. Applications accepted on rolling basis through Nov. 9.

Download the Application in Word: Nov 16 application or PDF: Nov 16 application

To reserve your spot or for more information contact Amy Sprenger: or 206 543 0061 (office) or 206 280 9850 (cell)

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